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To the surprise of many, not all firewood is created equally.  Many folks have bought firewood from Craigslist, only to find IT WON'T BURN, THEY WERE SHORTED and left with a BIG MESS in the DRIVEWAY.  Our Kiln-Dried firewood will have no insects, no bugs, no mold and ABSOLUTELY NO MESS !!! Plus,  you WILL get the amount you paid for ! Our firewood is the superior choice for the winter season, outdoor firepit burning or RESTAURANT Wood Fired Ovens. (we supply MANY Central PA Restaurants)

Our kiln-dried firewood is guaranteed to burn, thanks to a much lower moisture content than others firewood. Moisture levels in our kiln-dried wood are typically between 7-12%, ensuring that the burning process is easy to get started and to maintain, and that the fire is powerful and long lasting.

Kiln-dried wood from is much more energy efficient, which results in a better, stronger fire with less wood. As opposed to others so-called "seasoned" wood, our kiln-dried firewood gives off up to 35% more heat, an immediately noticeable difference and a huge improvement. Our Kiln-Dried fires will last longer, producing better results all winter long. The drying process also produces a much cleaner stack of firewood, which greatly reduces problems with firewood storage, as well as the overall health and safety of your family and home. Plus, our kiln-dried firewood burns off less creosote, which keeps chimneys clean and unclogged, and leads to fewer maintenance needs and other problems.

Our Kiln-Dried firewood does cost more than other green, wet or "seasoned" wood.... but... you know exactly what you are getting every time you burn our wood.   Guaranteed to burn.... Every time !

A FULL CORD is 128 cubic feet. Ranked/Stacked it is 4'x4'x8'.  - 
A Firewood Rack that is 8' long & 4' high will hold 1/3 cord of firewood when the wood is cut at 16".

Our wood is ALWAYS cut at 16" so you can properly measure and rank each order.

We are also WHOLESALE SUPPLIERS of Bundled Firewood to many Central PA: Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Hardware Stores and Camp Grounds.  Please Email for Wholesale Pricing.

PS.... Our Kiln-Dried Wood is the EXACT SAME wood you buy at Weis, Turkey Hill & 7/11 - packaged as Hot Sticks --- It is CHEAPER to buy from US than the bags at those stores !!! 
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Pick up available in Mechanicsburg -  Self Service - Easy Access
Delivery charge of $40.00 within 20 miles of 17055.
(stacking available for an additional fee)
* Shop Location * 601 E. Locust Street  Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
the ABSOLUTE BEST, CLEANEST, firewood available in the HARRISBURG Area ! ! ! 
.75 cu ft Bundles of HotSticks are $5.00 each picked up at our shop.

Super Sacks are  close to a 1/2 cord - Perfect for Home Owners and Restaurants.

KD - Meets all PA and NY regulations for Firewood.
Kiln-Dried Firewood 
1 cubic foot bundles - $5

We hand wrap these.
Shop Location:
601 E. Locust Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Kiln-Dried Firewood
In stock NOW !!!
Moisture Content 7%-12%
Wood Brick Heat

1 ton   $305 - save $25
Pick up available in Mechanicsburg - Please call for hours.
Delivery charge of $40.00 within 15 miles of 17055

Kiln-Dried - Super Sack       $245.00

  • 100% all natural Pennsylvania Hardwoods
  • USDA Certified bug and spore free
  • New York Approved Treated Firewood/Pest-Free and meets the treating requirements under 6NYCRR section 192.5
  • Meets all Federal and State Quarantine Regulations
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